Welcome to Grant Park Clinic where we practice family medicine, and as our patient, you are part of the family. We offer affordable, high-quality medical care for all, regardless of income level. We have multiple programs to keep your health care services low cost. Our care follows evidence-based practices meaning the care and treatment you and your family receive are based on the best practices. These practice guidelines are based on scientific evidence, and generally lead to better results.

Low Cost Care for Those Who Need It

Your health is too important to risk. If you have a medical
problem, don’t delay treatment because it costs too much.
Come to Grant Park Clinic.

Grant Park Clinic is a “Medical Mission” which has provided medical care to more than 30,000 patients in the Atlanta community since 1984. Our staff, including the providers, is bilingual (English and Spanish), bicultural, and we are experts in making you feel at home. We’re happy you are here with us. At any time, you can call (404) 627-4259 to schedule an appointment or have your questions answered.

As a non-profit and a Christian ministry, no one is turned away.
Our fees are calculated on a sliding scale, based on your family income.


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